Cheerio, Station Studios


Our old rehearsal home, Station Studios, closed in May. It was a bit crap, quite a lot scummy, and often didn’t have working equipment. But, we loved it. And, they were very nice to us; most especially, our big pal Jim Green, drummer with 1960s chart-toppers, The Honeycombs.

Jim has often threatened to appear at our gigs. We reckon he probably won’t. Respect, Jim.


IMG-20130618-02079 Updated


To mark certain thoroughly exciting things afoot, we have only gone and changed our website. That’s right, we’ve moved from MySpace to a newer thingy whatsit, on account of MySpace being a generally rubbish site (sorry chaps).

We have, in fact, moved back to our old site, which we have tinkered with. Watch this new space for updates, gigs, news, and all the lovely stuff you like from us.