Leika Last Gig Shocker (sort of)


This coming Friday 16th January, Leika will appear at the last night at The Metro, London.

After hosting many years of London’s finest live music, this favourite underground haunt is succombing to the Crossrail development, and will close its doors for the last time on Friday.

Metro’s promoters asked Leika¬† to play following their spectacular short set last October, which has now become something of a legend in the band’s illustrious history.

‘Were incredibly proud to playing this important night,’ says singer Romano Giorgi, ‘it’s going to be a good one. We’re going to have a lot of fun.’

You’ll need to get in early (7.30pm) to secure your floor spot for Leika, as it’s going to be crammed on this special night. It promises to be a fantastic night. See you there!


Leika at Storm 20th November

Leika will be appearing at Storm, Leicester Square, London, for their glorious return following their short but infamously blistering set at Metro earlier this month.

Storm is one of the band’s favourite venues, so this promises to be a fantastic gig. Come along and bring your friends to share some Leika-love!

Come and see Leika on 20th November. Be there by 9:30pm to guarantee a good place by the bar!

Orange Unsigned Act 2008 Winners!


This rather exciting but sadly misleading headline will be true once you get your mates, their dog, that bloke you met down the pub last Tuesday, as well as your mother, to vote for Leika in the Orange Unsigned Act competition.  If we win, we are promised the usual stuff: world domination, tax rebates, baths full of champagne and a series of television appearances.

Rather than simply reviewing our songs and recognising a good thing when they hear it, they want us to encourage people to vote for us. Voting starts tomorrow, Monday 1st September, so you have a few hours to think about it. Click here to see our Orange Unsigned Act profile.

Dodgy Competition (Really)

Good news, Leika-ites.

Your favourite band has been entered for the Metro Unsigned competition! Why not go there and listen to Leika now? After our good showing from last month’s encounter with Bon Jovi, we’re once again confident we’ll make waves amongst the good people from the Metro newspaper.

Voting will start on 1st September, probably from our Metro profile. In the meantime, we wait eagerly for the judges’ decisions. We’ve been in finals this summer for the Guilfest and for supporting Bon Jovi, so let’s hope it’s third time lucky!