2018: New gigs, new songs, new feelings…oh and some massive news

We are covered in newness. Never before have new things been so new. That’s right, folks, Leika is at it again, bending genres, wowing assembled faces, and generally impressing on the live circuit. Being a productive bunch, we have written a number of new songs, and are working on many more.  Our new album ‘Love on the Run’ is on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon…and also as a strictly limited edition (30 copies) only available at Brill Cafe in Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London.

We have loads more gigs and festivals coming up in 2018 inc. Shoreditch, Kings X and Hackney – see our gigs listings.

Following on from our massive ITV feature last year, we have some more exciting television and movie news coming your way very soon….WATCH THIS SPACE! Oh, and a third album…


Leika on the BBC, again

Chris Hawkins describes “Love Love Love” by Leika as ‘a fine piece of work’, happily advising his listeners to ‘watch out for the lyrics’.

That’s right, Leika have been doing their thing on the BBC again, this time especially for Chris Hawkins on his Early Show CD Club. He seemed particularly impressed by the contrasting of George and Prada in the song lyric. Takes all sorts, I suppose.

Thanks, Chris. The love is heading right back at you. To you, to us, to you, to us. What a lovely Valentine’s Day present for everyone. Leika love is good love.

You can listen online for a very short time at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03txwpw. Leika appears around 1hr 18mins into the show..

Meet the Residents

IMG_4774Happy News.

Leika has landed a residency at our their favourite  venue, the Alley Cat in Denmark Street.

Starting in March, they will be there every fourth Friday. As if that wasn’t brilliant enough, the band has a shedload of new material for the second album. There are also rumours of a new video and Leika on the radio.

Watch this space…

Bass Control to Major Tom


This moody fellow is Tom Evans, Leika’s new bass player.  This picture was either taken in a dressing room or a bed room.  Perhaps a dressing room room with a bed. Regardless of furnishing concerns, Tom joins us from our old chums, Guido Sol. Hailing from Derby, Tom is the second member of Leika to come from north of the Watford Gap. A very capable player with professional experience, he very much has da phunk, and adds a wonderful plonking clarity to our rhythm section.

Tom has already been with us for around three weeks, and will be joining us for the first time at the Comedy, near Leicester Square, on 13th September. He responds particularly well to references to Davie Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’. Tom has promised to join his bandmates for post-gig light refreshments. We look forward to that.


Cheerio, Station Studios


Our old rehearsal home, Station Studios, closed in May. It was a bit crap, quite a lot scummy, and often didn’t have working equipment. But, we loved it. And, they were very nice to us; most especially, our big pal Jim Green, drummer with 1960s chart-toppers, The Honeycombs.

Jim has often threatened to appear at our gigs. We reckon he probably won’t. Respect, Jim.



Leika.co.uk Updated


To mark certain thoroughly exciting things afoot, we have only gone and changed our website. That’s right, we’ve moved from MySpace to a newer thingy whatsit, on account of MySpace being a generally rubbish site (sorry chaps).

We have, in fact, moved back to our old site, which we have tinkered with. Watch this new space for updates, gigs, news, and all the lovely stuff you like from us.

Leika Last Gig Shocker (sort of)


This coming Friday 16th January, Leika will appear at the last night at The Metro, London.

After hosting many years of London’s finest live music, this favourite underground haunt is succombing to the Crossrail development, and will close its doors for the last time on Friday.

Metro’s promoters asked Leika  to play following their spectacular short set last October, which has now become something of a legend in the band’s illustrious history.

‘Were incredibly proud to playing this important night,’ says singer Romano Giorgi, ‘it’s going to be a good one. We’re going to have a lot of fun.’

You’ll need to get in early (7.30pm) to secure your floor spot for Leika, as it’s going to be crammed on this special night. It promises to be a fantastic night. See you there!

Leika at Storm 20th November

Leika will be appearing at Storm, Leicester Square, London, for their glorious return following their short but infamously blistering set at Metro earlier this month.

Storm is one of the band’s favourite venues, so this promises to be a fantastic gig. Come along and bring your friends to share some Leika-love!

Come and see Leika on 20th November. Be there by 9:30pm to guarantee a good place by the bar!

Orange Unsigned Act 2008 Winners!


This rather exciting but sadly misleading headline will be true once you get your mates, their dog, that bloke you met down the pub last Tuesday, as well as your mother, to vote for Leika in the Orange Unsigned Act competition.  If we win, we are promised the usual stuff: world domination, tax rebates, baths full of champagne and a series of television appearances.

Rather than simply reviewing our songs and recognising a good thing when they hear it, they want us to encourage people to vote for us. Voting starts tomorrow, Monday 1st September, so you have a few hours to think about it. Click here to see our Orange Unsigned Act profile.